Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboards + Analytics

Keep up with the dynamic markets and customer engagement insights by staying ahead of customer trends. Actively share your shifts and successes with stakeholders with ongoing reporting.

Powerful Customer Engagement Made Easy

Connect with customers in the moments that matter and gain more accurate data from using our highly interactive engagement tools accessing live dashboard views that are easy-to-understand.

flexible reporting

Monitor Your Results

Simplify the process of keeping you and your stakeholders informed. By utilizing analytics, you can automate the once-manual to intuitive design review process, saving time and effort while ensuring accuracy and customization.

behind the data

AI Sentiment Analysis

Understand customer and employee sentiment by contextualizing their feedback. Access the one-click dropdown dashboard menu to analyze open-ended text responses for customer motivations and sentiment.

quick access

Speed Up Decision Making

Customizable and user-friendly dashboards. 7+ views to choose from featuring visualizations like participants at glance, charts, word clouds, text analytics, top 5 insights, key discoveries, and more. Export to Excel.

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