Create Client Interactive Research and Strategies, Fast.

MySayToday's Platform is first of its kind SaaS and pricing business model to provide a "Swiss Army Knife" of integrated, online engagement tools that allow you to better understand your clients.

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Affordable Insights
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Affordable Insights

The right tools and value of interactive online engagement tools with high-impact results. Take advantage of surveys, eworkbooks, brainstorming, video digital diaries, and AI sentiment. Gain easy tracking of ROI and business impact with our platform.

Agile Tools

If you're using Survey Monkey, that's good but often enough you need more tools. Go beyond survey tools with a research and business toolkit that's agile to meet the ever-changing market of today. A platform that makes it easy for you to adopt and launch research projects into every part of your brand, experience, and product in just a few clicks.

matches engagement tools

Unlocking the Value of your Customers

How does it work? Think Wix but instead you create a customized platform that matches engagement tools to the client info you want to extract. Have your clients and employees interact with you by sharing their thoughts and ideas to reshape your business.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Say goodbye to tedious and complex platforms. Building your platform with Easy-to-use Engagement tools helps get everyone on the same page quickly so that no time is wasted. Increase your need for speed that drives better results for your business.

Online Engagement Tools
Data Analytics + Dashboard Reports

Data Analytics + Dashboard Reports

We have cutting-edge data text analytics that can provide insights into your customers' needs with AI-powered machine learning for intelligent analysis and powerful survey qualitative tools to get real feedback from people who use it every day.

Accessible on all your devices

MySayToday is a human-centered design platform to maximize usability. Our goal is to ensure a seamless user experience on all devices, including mobile across Android and iOS functionality. More flexibility for everyone they can easily adopt.

Public Consultation Tools

What are customers saying

MySayToday helps deliver on engagement and research projects to participants faster. It's a game-changer for leadership, marketing, and sales to use customer feedback that they can trust to act on.

“Beyond all of the benefits of the great ideas our campaign generated, maybe our most valuable prize was community building. No other approach I’ve used or seen has the scale, speed, and reach of MySayToday’s capabilities to generate community engagement across time zones, organizations, and job roles.”
Chuck Henry
Government of Canada
“For us the timing was right to try to take advantage of the online consultation and research solutions that MySayToday has. We weren’t disappointed.”
Jennifer Birch
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
“We try to reach out to our broad audiences regularly. We were looking for a solution that allowed us to do that in the most effective way possible. MySaytoday’s solution fit the bill and we started to dive into it even more, and started to use the tool, in fact it did everything it said it would and more.”
Doug Wotherspoon
Vice President, Algonquin College